How a Bridge Dental Restoration Replaces One or More Missing Teeth

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If you have damaged or missing teeth, then getting a dental restoration is critical. You should not have to go through life hiding your smile or keeping your mouth closed. Your dentist has the knowledge and training to complete a bridge dental restoration and get rid of that unsightly gap that has been bothering you. This could be the right option for your dental needs.

A description of a dental bridge

There are a lot of methods that dentists use in order to perform dental restoration. It is important for people to understand what is available to them and compare the pros and cons of each treatment. However, when a patient has one or a few missing teeth, the dentist may recommend getting a bridge. This form of dental restoration literally bridges the gap or gaps in the person’s mouth. A bridge consists of at least two crowns and some artificial teeth. The dentist puts crowns on either side of the gap and places a metal or porcelain artificial tooth in between. Natural teeth or implants will support the bridge, giving it stability and strength.

What the bridge does for dental restoration

There are many consequences to missing teeth. It can be difficult to chew and speak without a mouthful of teeth. A dental bridge solves this issue, allowing the person to once again eat their favorite foods. A bridge can also help to maintain the shape of the person’s face. It also distributes the force of the person’s bite and keeps natural teeth from moving.

Preparation for the dental bridge

If the patient has missing teeth or if the dentist has to pull one or more, there will be a discussion on the person’s treatment options. The dentist will talk about what procedures make sense to repair the issue. If the patient agrees to get a dental bridge, the dentist will explain the process. The dentist then takes X-rays and makes impressions of the patient’s mouth. At an off-site lab, a technician will make the crowns and artificial teeth for the bridge based on the impressions the dentist has made.

The process of a bridge dental restoration

The dentist will insert the bridge and will check to make sure that it fits properly. This may require multiple visits to ensure the patient can bite effectively. Once it is clear that the patient is comfortable, the dentist cements the bridge in place.

Say goodbye to spaces in your mouth

It can be embarrassing to live without teeth, but there is a way to put an end to this problem. Talk to a dentist near you today about getting a dental bridge. Dental restoration can give you a smile makeover and help you feel good about your appearance once more. It will also improve your oral health now and moving forward. Make an appointment today so you can get started on a new you.

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