Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Chicago, IL

Having missing teeth can be stressful. Regardless of where a lost tooth is on the jaw, knowing that the gap is there is a cause for concern. Suddenly you may be smiling less and worrying about chewing foods, your appearance, and even speech. Eventually, there are a million and one reasons to replace missing teeth, if only to prevent the oral health complications that often accompany the problem. For anyone still having doubts about replacing lost teeth, this article covers important reasons to visit the dentist for tooth replacement options.

Important reasons to replace missing teeth

The following are essential reasons to get lost teeth replaced as soon as possible:

Avoid shifting teeth

Many people do not know that losing a tooth can cause the teeth close to the gap to move. The movement of the teeth can cause more issues, like a misaligned bite or crowding. The misaligned bite causes uneven bite force and poor bite angle, which may cause cracks, chips, or dislodged teeth. It is advisable to replace the missing teeth before this chain of reactions starts.

Make eating and speaking easier

A missing tooth or broken tooth can make speaking and eating more challenging. Eating may result in significant discomfort if the gum in the gap is irritated or harmed by the temperature and harshness of the drink or food. A lost front tooth can impair speech, potentially causing a lisp since the person will need to articulate words differently than usual. Once the tooth is replaced, speech and eating can become normal again.

Maintain oral hygiene

The place where the tooth used to be may start to harbor bacteria. It is easy to overlook these areas when brushing because people tend to focus more on their teeth than gums. Without proper cleaning, the combination of bacteria and food debris may cause plaque that causes gum disease and tooth cavities. Having the tooth replaced allows a more efficient oral hygiene routine, which can keep oral issues such as gum disease, halitosis, and cavities away.

Preserve the jawbone

After losing a tooth, the jawbone starts to deteriorate slowly in a process called resorption. The longer the tooth goes unreplaced, the more the resorption occurs. When chewing, the tooth sends stimulation to the jaw so that the body can replace the dead bone cells. Without this stimulus, the jawbone will weaken gradually, increasing the risk of injury and making an eventual tooth replacement process a bit more complicated.

Restore facial appearance

Missing teeth can significantly change a person’s appearance. A gap in the smile can make people feel embarrassed when smiling, leading them to avoid social interactions or keep their mouths closed. If the existing teeth are shifting to the gaps or bone resorption starts, the face may start to appear sunken.

In conclusion

For many people, replacing missing teeth may not seem like a big deal, but it is important. To get started, book an appointment with the dentist to discuss dental restoration options that can help restore a smile.

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