Same-Day Implant Options: Get a New Smile Now

Same Day Dentistry Chicago, IL

Thinking that you should choose a same day implant option so you can enjoy having a new smile sooner than later? Many people who are missing one or more teeth are choosing dental implants, as this tooth replacement option comes with many benefits. Now that same day implants are an option, you can have a new smile in just one day!

Get a new smile now

Learning about your cosmetic options, including a same day implant, is the first thing you need to do when you want to improve the way you look when you smile. Many people choose not to smile at all because they do not feel confident in their smile. This is often due to having missing, discolored, broken and chipped teeth. Now that new dental technologies are available, you can have the smile of your dreams.

Same day implant options

The list below includes information on same day implant options.

Same day dental implants

Those who need one or more dental implants in order to feel confident about their smile can now take advantage of cutting-edge solutions that allow for a less painful experience and a faster healing time. It is possible to have an implant placed in the mouth and a temporary crown attached on the same day. Same day dental implant patients will need to return for a second appointment, however, in order to have a permanent dental crown placed over the implant.

Same day mini dental implants

Mini dental implants are simply smaller regular dental implants. This type of dental implant is often used for patients who do not have a sufficient amount of jawbone and would rather not undergo a bone grafting procedure. These mini dental implants can be used as a single tooth replacement or to hold dentures and bridges securely in place.

Full-arch hybrid restorations

Full-arch hybrid restorations are an option for those who are missing multiple teeth or who are currently wearing conventional dentures and are tired of trying to keep them securely in place. Full-arch hybrid restorations require a dental professional to strategically place four to six implants in a patient's mouth, along a full arch of artificial upper teeth and/or a full arch of artificial lower teeth. Since these full arches of teeth are held securely in place by the implants, there is no longer a need to worry about dentures slipping or falling out of one’s mouth.

Ready to make an appointment for same day implants?

Ready to get your same day implant placed so you no longer have to feel self-conscious when you smile? We know how missing just one tooth can make people not want to show off their smile. Instead of feeling self-conscious about the way you look when smiling, all you need to do is contact us to schedule an appointment. We can answer any questions you may have about same day implants, as well as any other dental procedure. Ready to smile with confidence every single time?

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