Tips for Using Take Home Teeth Whitening Trays from Your Dentist

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Take home teeth whitening trays are convenient vehicles of your dentist’s professional whitening treatment. Using these trays the right way can bring you the results you want. It can help you reach your teeth whitening goals the way your dentist described it as well. If you want to get the most out of your take home teeth whitening trays, here are some tips to consider.

Tip 1: wearing the whitening trays according to instructions

The dentist will give proper instructions on when and how to wear them. Wearing them for an hour each day is ideal. Inadequate wear time will result in low-quality whitening. Extended wear time will result in gum irritation or tooth sensitivity. Filling the take home teeth whitening trays with enough whitening gel will reduce the overflow upon wearing them.

Teeth whitening gels with more peroxide must only stay on teeth for a short time. Taking off the trays earlier is advisable if there is gum irritation. Pressing the whitening trays against the teeth will ensure proper coating. Foaming will happen once the whitening gel and saliva meet.

Placing only a drop of the whitening gel using the provided syringe will prevent overflow. Keeping the bleaching gel in place will also prevent excess gel from seeping out. Wiping off excess solution right away will prevent gum irritation. Spitting it out into the sink will prevent accidental swallowing.

Tip 2: practicing proper oral care before wearing take home teeth whitening trays

The goal of wearing these trays is to place the gel in direct contact with the enamel. Any food particle could prevent the whitening treatment from giving proper results. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing will ensure good contact. Using the take home teeth whitening trays will then yield optimal whitening results.

Tip 3: refraining from smoking, eating, and drinking while wearing the trays

It will be difficult to drink, smoke, or eat while wearing take home teeth whitening trays. This could make the whitening treatment ineffective. Swallowing too much of the bleaching solution will cause nausea. Waiting about 30 minutes after the whitening treatment before brushing to remove the whitening gel is ideal. The patient could then eat, drink, or smoke after.

Tip 4: choose to wear custom-fit trays

Many trays are available on the market. Drug stores and grocery stores sell them. These trays are not custom-fit. That is why they will not produce optimal teeth whitening results. Using them will cause most of the whitening gel to seep out. The whitening gel could also settle in areas where damage or irritation could start.

Custom-fit whitening trays can apply the whitening gel better around the teeth. It will also result in the more efficient use of teeth whitening gel. These trays can also last longer. The patient can use them again if the patient does not have any future dental procedures.

Using take home teeth whitening trays the right way can give high-quality results

Home whitening trays are convenient to use. You have control over when you should whiten your teeth. Doing it at home will only be effective if you follow your dentist’s instructions and the mentioned tips. Talking to your dentist about any issues you may have about your take home teeth whitening trays can improve your experience.

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