What to Do If Your Partial Dentures Are Too Loose

Partial Dentures Chicago, IL

Partial dentures should fit comfortably, but there may be times when they need a slight adjustment. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as the shifting of natural teeth or periodontal changes. The dentist can check on the fit and comfort of the partial dentures with every check-up visit and make adjustments when necessary. 

How to handle partial dentures that are too loose

Loose dentures can be frustrating, but it is a relatively simple problem for dentists to fix. The following review discusses important general information about partial dentures and highlights how you can handle dentures that feel too loose, along with insights into how to care for your partial dentures long-term. 

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are removable restorations the patient wears to take the place of one or several missing teeth (typically a section of missing teeth). Although there are different types of partial dentures, the most common types involve metal clasps that attach to adjacent natural teeth. This provides a secure hold that reduces the risk of partial dentures coming loose. 

Adjusting partial dentures when they are loose

Although partial dentures are customized to fit securely while they are worn, they may become loose over time. Subsequently, regular adjustments to the partial dentures are to be expected. The rate at which adjustments are necessary vary for every patient. Adjustments to the partial dentures should not cause disruptions to the patient’s daily routine. However, it is important to notify the dentist as soon as they become loose for the most efficient and effective treatment possible. 

How to take care of your partial dentures

There is not much that patients can do about preventing partial dentures from shifting. Of course, protecting teeth and periodontal health is important and may help in some situations. This should include brushing regularly and avoiding excessive sugar consumption. To protect the dentures from damage or excessive wear, it is important to keep them clean by following the recommended cleaning schedule for them. If there are any concerns with the partial dentures, then notifying the dentist as soon as possible is important. 

When to contact the dentist about loose partial dentures

As mentioned, it is important to let the dentist know as soon as possible once dentures become loose. If the dentures are slightly loose, then the patient may be able to wait for an opportune time to come into the office for an adjustment. For more severe issues with the partial dentures, the dentist can schedule a much more prompt visit to prevent excessive discomfort or an ability to function due to the loose dentures. 

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