When to Choose Implant Supported Dentures Over Denture Repair

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If a tooth breaks in a pair of dentures or a crack begins to form in the structure, immediate denture repair is of utmost importance. There are many repair kits on the market that promise to fix the problem. Even the most successful kit, however, is only a temporary solution.

Patients should call a dentist to schedule an appointment right away. When meeting, make sure to ask about the options that are available. Repairs can be costly, depending on what is broken. If the cost of the repair is high, it may be a wise idea to switch to implant-supported dentures instead. 

What are implant-supported dentures?

Technological innovations in the past few years have paved the way for a new dental restoration option. Implant-supported dentures are a combination of traditional dentures with the added features of dental implants. Titanium implants are inserted into the jawbone and allowed to heal. Patients are typically fitted with a temporary set of dentures during this time.

Once sufficient healing has taken place and the implants have integrated successfully, abutments are connected to the implants. The denture is then fixed into place. Some types of denture implants allow the patient to remove and clean the dentures themselves. Other dentures require removal by the dentist to adjust or repair them.

What are the pros and cons of implant-supported dentures?

Before choosing between denture repair and dentures that are supported by implants, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of denture implants

Traditional dentures rest on the gums and are secured with dental adhesive. This adhesive can hold the dentures in place for a short period, but many patients feel self-conscious because their dentures can sometimes slip without warning. Since implant-supported dentures are securely attached, there is no chance of embarrassing slippage. Other advantages include:

  • Greater stability allows patients to eat sticky and chewy foods that must be avoided with traditional dentures
  • Better comfort is maintained because the dentures will not slip and irritate the gums
  • More durability means that less denture repair is necessary, reducing the costs over time
  • Facial structure is preserved because the implanted posts help to retain bone structure in the jaw

Disadvantages of implant-supported dentures

The main disadvantage of implant-supported dentures is the potential recovery time after surgery. While the process is less invasive than it may sound, some patients are hesitant about it. The initial costs can also make some patients shy away from the process. Over time, however, implant-supported dentures can potentially be less expensive than traditional dentures because of their durability.


Before making a decision about whether denture repair or implant-supported dentures are the right choice, talk at length with both a dentist and your physician. The dentist can make sure the jawbone is strong enough to support the implant, while a doctor should also conduct a thorough health assessment to make sure you are healthy enough for the procedure. Ask the dentist plenty of questions to be fully prepared before the surgery. 

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