When to Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

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Invisalign® is a discreet teeth-straightening method. Research shows that many people prefer this method to traditional braces. The clear aligners offer a more comfortable way to align teeth. Knowing when to choose Invisalign can help you prepare for your upcoming appointments.

When one wants to avoid oral injuries

The metal wires and brackets of traditional braces can cause scrapes and holes in the mouth. These injuries can lead to infections and discomfort. Invisalign has clear aligners that do not have sharp edges. Wearing them can help correct one’s smile without causing any pain.

When one wants to maintain good oral health during dental alignment

Traditional braces are fixed. The dentist glues the brackets to the affected teeth. The patient will have them on until the treatment ends. Food particles tend to stick between the brackets. It makes flossing and brushing difficult. Dental health tends to deteriorate because of ineffective cleaning.

Invisalign has removable aligners. The patient has to remove them while eating, drinking, and practicing oral care. Flossing and brushing well is easier with this system. The patient can choose this system to prevent dental deterioration.

When one wants to smile without worry

Having metal brackets and wires on teeth often causes one to be self-conscious. Photo opportunities and interactions are often difficult. That is why teenagers and adults usually do not like traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are almost invisible to the untrained eye. This teeth-straightening system is often unnoticeable, even around people closest to the patient.

When one does not want to have food restrictions

Traditional teeth straightening has limitations when it comes to foods. Hard, chewy, and crunchy foods can dislodge brackets. When this happens, the patient will need to see the dentist for emergency treatment. Invisalign has removable aligners. The patient is free to eat anything. This prevents aligner damage.

When one wants to maintain one’s bright smile

Research shows that traditional braces tend to cause neglect to oral health. Cleaning brackets and wires is also difficult. Ineffective cleaning leads to dental staining. Invisalign aligners are removable. Consuming staining drinks and foods will not lead to dental discoloration. However, the patient must brush first before putting the aligners back on to achieve this.

When one wants a more comfortable treatment

Traditional braces cause discomfort weeks after the dentist places them. It will also be uncomfortable days after each adjustment. Invisalign will not cause the same degree of discomfort. It may feel tight for a while, but this will fade as the teeth move to their correct positions.

When one wants fewer dental visits

This teeth-straightening system does not need monthly visits to the dentist. The patient will not need wire tightening or replacements. Visiting the dentist will only be for professional dental cleanings. The provider will also see the patient’s progress. The visits will also provide the patient with new aligners.

Things to know before getting Invisalign aligners

Crooked teeth can lead to awkwardness and pain. This condition can also lead to gum and teeth issues. Straightening teeth with Invisalign is faster and more comfortable. Here are some of the things to consider before getting the aligners:

  • Adjusting one’s speech is necessary because the aligners can affect the way one speaks. Lisping is a normal side effect. It may last for the first few days. Then, it will fade as the patient adjusts to the aligners. Practicing how to speak while wearing the aligners can help remove the lisping.
  • Wear the aligners as much as possible. Keep them in place for at least 22 hours.
  • The length of Invisalign treatment differs for each patient.
  • The outcome is faster than that of traditional metal braces.
  • Cleaning the aligners regularly is necessary.
  • Flossing is important.
  • Removing the aligners when consuming colored foods and drinks is necessary.
  • Removing the aligners is necessary for daily oral care.
  • The aligners prevent other substances from staining teeth. Components from teeth whitening products can stay on teeth longer. This can help whiten teeth while aligning them.
  • Getting Invisalign does not have an age limit.
  • The dentist can recommend accessories like buttons to speed up the teeth-straightening treatment.
  • Wearing a retainer after the treatment is important in maintaining the alignment while the jawbone stabilizes.
  • The cost of the treatment differs per individual. It can be challenging to determine the final price at the beginning. With proper assessment, the dentist can help estimate the amount. Patients who wore traditional braces before will have a less expensive fee. Insurance providers can also make the payments easier.
  • Adjustments may be necessary for the target teeth. The consultation will finalize this. The dentist will prepare the teeth first. Dental filing is often a basic procedure before getting the aligners. This will ensure an even-looking smile after the treatment.

Choosing Invisalign can give you a better teeth-straightening experience

Aligning crooked teeth can improve your appearance and dental health. Traditional braces may be effective, but there will be significant discomfort. Invisalign can provide the desired results with more convenience. Working with your dental care provider can lead you to a more pleasant teeth-straightening experience.

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