Who Is a Candidate for Same Day Dental Implant Dentistry?

Same Day Dentistry Chicago, IL

Recently, same day dental implant surgery has gained popularity. Traditional dental implants are a long process that can take months to complete. Those implants require at least two surgeries, with a rest period in-between to allow for healing. Same day dental implant surgery is a great option to minimize office visits. Patients can see immediate results.

The benefits of same day dental surgery

The doctor places the entire implant in one surgery. The patient does not have to come back for more surgery to see the finished result. Only having one surgery has several benefits. Many patients are afraid of dentists and dental procedures. Fewer visits to the dentist mean less anxiety.

Patients leave after the surgery with finished implants. While they will still have a healing process, patients will see a full mouth of natural-looking teeth. The dentist places temporary caps on the implants that are functional and look like real teeth. Replacing the temporary caps with permanent ones does not need additional surgery.

Even though the dental implant process is the same day, the way the teeth look is real. Patients who were afraid to smile and laugh before can feel at ease to do that now. Because the dentist matches the implant cap color to existing teeth, the new dental implants appear as nice as the replaced teeth. Once the soreness subsides, patients can do all the things they would do with their normal teeth.

Because the dental implant surgery takes only one office visit, the gums can begin to heal around the implants faster. Surgery only affects the soft tissues of the mouth once. The jawbone can also bond to the implants more quickly. There will not be any empty pockets of tissue that can get infected since the implants will be there.

Who is a good candidate

There are a lot of benefits to same day dental implant surgery. But, patients have a better chance of success if they are healthy. Non-smokers are more likely to do well with same-day implants. Patients who already practice good oral hygiene are ideal. Patients can continue to practice their same hygiene habits with the implants. But the most important factor for same day dental implant surgery is a healthy jawbone that has enough bone for the implant to bond.

Who may not have success

Some patients are not ideal candidates for the surgery. Patients who grind their teeth, have poor oral hygiene, or advanced gum disease could damage the implants or struggle with infection. Unless smokers are willing to quit, same-day implants may not be a successful treatment for them. If patients do not have enough jawbone, the dentist may do a graft. But, this would take more than one surgery to complete the implant.

Consult your dentist today

Many people are unsure if same-day implants are the right choice. The dentist can discuss the pros and cons of same-day implants versus creating the implants over time. Together with the dentist, you can decide which path meets your needs. Some patients who are not ideal candidates can work with the dental professionals to become better candidates.

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