Why Is It Important to Get a Chipped Tooth Repaired?

What Should I Do If I Chip My Tooth Chicago, IL

A chipped tooth can occur in several different ways. This damage can also come in many levels of severity. Some chips are visible, while others may be hidden in the back of the mouth. Regardless of what the damage to your tooth looks like, it is vital to visit your dentist for an examination. Your dentist can determine how to effectively repair this issue and restore your attractive smile.

How teeth can chip

Even though teeth are made of the strongest substance in the human body, they are not indestructible. It is true that teeth can withstand great forces and a lot of wear and tear. But a hard enough blow to the face can cause a chipped tooth or even fracture or knock one out. This can happen to someone in a fall or by biting into hard food or an object such as a fork. Getting an elbow or a knee to the face while playing sports can have the same effect. Also, people who have severe tooth decay may notice part of their teeth chipping away.

Get it fixed or it may continue to suffer damage

Clearly, a chipped tooth with not become whole on its own. If a patient is fortunate, the tooth would not have any more problems, but chances are high that, if untreated, chipped teeth will continue to break apart. Biting into popcorn kernels or ice, or chewing bread or meat could cause bigger chips in the tooth. Repairing it now will decrease the chances of these issues occurring.

Avoid the awkwardness

A tiny chipped tooth may not be much of a concern. However, if a person has a large chip in a front tooth, it will be difficult to hide. This can cause embarrassment or even low self-esteem in the individual. With a piece of tooth missing, such a person may want to avoid social settings or may not want to smile or speak. Cosmetically and aesthetically, it makes a lot of sense to repair damaged teeth as soon as possible.

Keep decay away

From a young age, people learn that brushing twice a day and flossing daily will reduce the risk of getting cavities. A chipped tooth can allow bacteria to enter the tooth and get deep into the pulp and roots. This can cause intense pain and significantly damage the tooth. Even more alarmingly, abscesses can develop, which leads to infections. Untreated, the infection could spread throughout the mouth and even into other parts of the body.

Never put off repairing a chipped tooth

Even if you do not think anyone will notice the damage to your tooth, you should visit the dentist. The dentist will evaluate your tooth and recommend an effective treatment. The sooner you take care of this problem, the less likely you are to have decay, infections, or more trauma to the tooth. You can also repair your smile and feel good about being among other people. Call the dentist today so you can start your treatment.

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