Why You Should Consider Professional Teeth Whitening Take Home Trays from Your Dentist

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More people prefer teeth whitening take home trays. These custom-fit devices help you achieve whiter teeth in the privacy of your own home. They are different from over-the-counter teeth-whitening products. These ready-made products expose you to more dental health risks. Their ineffectiveness also tends to disappoint. Find out why you should consider getting take-home trays from your dentist.

Custom-fit professional teeth whitening

Getting the custom trays is a key component to a home teeth-whitening treatment. The patient can get them from the dental clinic. The dentist will first take digital scans or X-rays of the patient’s teeth. These impressions will provide the exact dimensions of the patient’s mouth. The dentist will send these impressions to the dental lab. The lab will then create the custom-fit whitening trays.

Custom-fit trays allow the whitening gel to be in full contact with the patient’s teeth. Teeth whitening take home trays are potent and easy to use. Simple instructions from the dentist will guide the patient. Caring for these trays is also part of the dentist’s instructions.

A take-home whitening treatment aims to reach the right level of whiteness. The dentist will give the right whitening gel formulation to the patient. The patient can use the trays until the stains are gone. The patient can do so until the teeth reach their optimal whiteness as well. The gel in these trays is more potent than the commercialized ones.

High effectiveness

Over-the-counter teeth-whitening products have low levels of hydrogen peroxide. Manufacturers can only add a small amount of bleach in these products. The formulation of teeth whitening take home trays is stronger. The dentist can adjust the amount of hydrogen peroxide. The levels will be higher but still at appropriate levels. That is why take-home trays from a dentist are more effective.

More worthwhile

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products have weak whitening capabilities. Many people try out various commercialized teeth-whitening products. Patients using teeth whitening take home trays achieve their teeth whitening goals. The treatment may be gradual, but it is worthwhile.


Teeth whitening take home trays contain professional strength teeth-whitening agents. Many people prefer this type of teeth whitening because of its convenience. Anyone who wants to use it can get high-quality teeth whitening at the patient’s convenient time. The custom-fit trays are discreet as well. This allows patients to whiten teeth even while doing errands outside the house.

Many people cancel in-office teeth-whitening procedures because of busy schedules. That is why professional-grade teeth-whitening treatments are now available for home use. This gives more time to do chores, errands, or work tasks. The individual may use these trays at night.

Teeth whitening take home trays are convenient

It is difficult to schedule an in-office teeth whitening because of busy schedules. The current pandemic is not helping either. That is why teeth whitening take home trays are getting more attention. These products allow you to get professional teeth whitening at your convenience. Seeing your dentist for your custom-fit trays will get you started on your treatment.

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