Advantages of Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Chicago, IL

Multiple tooth implants are posts made from titanium that go in your jaw. These act as replacements for your tooth roots. The implants have crowns or bridges on them. These are a durable solution for replacing missing teeth. Keep reading to find out more about getting multiple tooth implants.

The main advantages

Teeth that are supported using multiple tooth implants have the same chewing and biting power that natural teeth do. It does not require grinding down the existing teeth to place an implant bridge. Multiple tooth implants can support many restorations and can function and look like natural teeth. It is hard to tell the difference between implants and natural teeth.

Implants can help to maintain the jaw size and shape by preventing bone loss. Chewing places pressure on the implants, and this stimulates the bone and prevents the body from reabsorbing it. Plus, implants can keep the nearby teeth in place. No adhesives are needed for this. With dentures, there might be a palate, but this can prevent patients from tasting correctly.

Implants vs. traditional bridges

Bridges have been used to replace adjacent missing teeth for many years. But to attach a traditional bridge, the nearby teeth need to be ground down. That can weaken the nearby teeth, causing decay after a while. Or it could cause fractures.

Plus, a bridge may not last for as long as multiple tooth implants can. Bridges may last for only about a decade before needing replacement. The patient may end up spending more money on replacements for bridges than getting implants. Implants can last for a lifetime with good care.

With implants, no teeth nearby need to be ground down. The bridges allow patients to chew and bite with enough pressure to correctly chew the food. This allows patients to eat more nutritious foods. As a result, patients gain better overall health.

Why patients might not want to get dentures

In the past, dentures were the only option for replacing the teeth. However, today multiple tooth implants can support a full arch of dentures. Traditional dentures have improved over time but still do not offer enough chewing power. These need adhesives to stay in the mouth.

Bone loss might occur when the teeth are missing, but this is not the case with multiple tooth implants. Implants can prevent the facial muscles or bone from collapsing. Otherwise, the chin might move near the nose. Plus, dentures may no longer fit once these changes take place. Luckily, multiple tooth implants do not come with these issues.

Choose multiple tooth implants today

If you want to improve your smile, you might consider getting multiple tooth implants. These can improve your chewing power and stability. The chewing power will transmit through your multiple tooth implants to your jaw. That preserves its density and volume. If you want to know more about getting multiple tooth implants, making a dental appointment is your first step.

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