Signs Your Oral Hygiene Routine Needs to Be Improved

Signs Your Oral Hygiene Routine Needs to Be Improved

Mastering oral hygiene is easier said than done. Most people are well aware of the fact that flossing and brushing should occur a minimum of at least once per day. However, brushing and flossing alone is not enough. The sad truth is many people can overlook the typical signs of a flawed oral hygiene routine and proceed as usual without making the proper changes. Here is a look at the signs.

Bloody Gums

Gums that bleed while flossing or brushing are cause for concern. Inflamed gums lead to such bleeding during flossing and brushing. Inflammation is typically the result of inadequate oral hygiene or an issue with the immune system.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is almost always a sign that oral hygiene is lacking. Though it is indeed possible for a spicy dish to alter the smell of your breath, bad breath that extends beyond meals is a red flag for faulty oral hygiene. There is likely an excess amount of bacteria in the mouth due to insufficient brushing and flossing. Furthermore, the bad breath could be the result of gum disease.


Flawed oral hygiene that is allowed to continue for an extended period is likely to lead to significant dental problems. Poor oral health can cause an oral infection such as thrush. This infection tends to occur most frequently in kids, older individuals, and those with weak immune systems. Thrush starts out as elevated lesions that are white in hue and positioned along the mouth's soft tissues. Do you suspect you have thrush? Meet with your dentist as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Canker Sores

Diminished oral health causes the formation of canker sores as well as cold sores. These sores impact patients of all types, even those with an ultra-healthy mouth. Patients who let their oral health decline are almost guaranteed to experience more canker sores. If the lesions are unusually large, painful or frequent, you should meet with your dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth Decay

Sugar is not the only cause of tooth decay. If plaque bacteria are allowed to build up, it will break down to release acid that rots the teeth. Tooth decay is an indication the patient either eats too many sweets, lacks the proper oral hygiene, or is too lazy to implement it.

You are Comfortable Skipping Cleaning Sessions

If you feel as though you could go an entire day without cleaning your mouth, there is likely a problem with your oral health. Every patient should abide by a nuanced oral health regimen on a daily basis without exception. The thought of skipping a flossing or brushing session should rub you the wrong way and make you uncomfortable. If you feel as though your mouth will not suffer by skipping such a session, it is time to make some changes.
If you need more guidance on making a regimen and routine for you, contact our office today and let our staff guide you in the right direction.

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